Must-See Sites


Love what this brilliant photographer is doing.

FOOD for THOUGHT–all the recipes saved in my “Favorites” tab

Baked Chicken Wings–The only way we’ll make wings now. Juicy in the center, crispy on the outside. You’ll think they were fried!

Coconut Macaroons–Store-bought, schmore-bought. These might quite possibly change your life.

Granola bars–I make a big enough batch to last through the week. They never do!

Chocolate chip cookies–Make enough to bake and freeze for later. Form the dough into a line and cover with saran wrap. Then those moments after work when you just have to have something sweet, slice and bake these 10-minute cookies.

Curried sweet potato and lentil soup–This is basically a weekly staple in my home now. Filling, delicious, and easy to make. My kind of meal!

Kale and white bean soup–so delicious I made an enormous pot to save batches of it for later!


Lauren Nicole Designs–love these home-decor ideas! Plus she’s won so many awards, she must be doing plenty right!

LAUGH ’til you CRY

Tales From the Trenches of Motherhood–prepare to laugh at the hilarity that is motherhood. This blog keeps me rolling!


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