Hello there, beautiful bubbles

Sorry, folks! It’s been a while. Ms. Thrifty took a little hiatus and had a baby. That’s right! A baby! So if you thought I was pinching-pennies before…shesh! But there’s still something to be said for splurging on deliciousness, and I’ve found it. And let me tell ya, after a night of limited sleep, a little splurge helps.

Bubble tea is a favorite of mine. Fell in love with it a few years back in Toronto. Have you been to Eden Center? Falls Church? Don’t worry. There will be a future post dedicated to the splendor that is Eden Center. There are some mean bubble teas happening there, but honestly, Shilla Bakery in Centreville takes the cake.

Bubble tea is like an Asian smoothie, but the flavor combinations are wild:  from mango to red bean and everything in between. But what makes it “bubble” are the little chewy tapioca balls at the bottom, only accessible via one enormous straw.

Shilla Bakery has the best  bubbles! They are not too chewy and not too soft; they are just right! And the flavor that hooked me initially was green tea. I’ve had that one twice. THEN I caught wind of a different flavor…taro.

Here’s what happened. My sister-in-law purchased the taro, and I the green tea. We were walking to the car to drive home. I sipped her taro. She walked back into the bakery to purchase a taro bubble tea for me as I refused to leave without it in my possession. At this point I had TWO bubble teas. No judgment, please. There’s nothing gluttonous about savoring beautiful drinks.

So this weekend, or tomorrow, or right now, drop the subpar drink in your hand and race to Shilla Bakery for the taro bubble! And if you try any others, let me know which you’re digging in the comments below.

On the road again,

Ms. Thrifty

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