Fell in love at USA Market

With carne asada, that is. Trust me, I’ve had a lot of carne asada in my time. But today’s carne asada changed everything.

Located on Plaza Street, I had always seen the USA Market, but never stopped to eat there. There is a market connected to it that I have been in with many grocery staples and some unique fare from different Latin American countries. The actual eatery part, though, is an order-at-the-front-and-take-a-seat spot. There are pictures of each meal posted on the walls, which made choosing easier and harder. Easier because you can see what is included in the dish; harder because everything looks so deliciously good!


For $12, this meal was unbelievable and was enough for a to-go box. Make your way to this spot! So authentic, so worth it!

On the road again,

Ms. Thrifty

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