It’s a Dutch Bunny morning

Saturday morning. I am not in the mood for oatmeal, again. I’m also not in the mood to go to the market for scones or croissants. Basically I’m praying my personal chef is concocting some decadent feast for me. Oh, that’s right. I don’t have a personal chef. So after changing into my ceremonial sweats, I trudged my way downstairs to the kitchen.

Bananas in the hot butter

Ok, what do I make? What’s easy and will wow me? The usual rolodex of breakfast foods runs through my head:  omelette, French toast, pancakes, nah. I put a kettle on the stove to boil for my much-needed white tea. Flipping through my binder filled with loose-leaf recipes from friends and relatives, something caught my eye. My Aunt sent a Dutch Bunny recipe a few years ago. I had stashed it away, but never tried it. And shockingly, the ingredients are extremely basic. Everyone has a few eggs, milk, sugar flour, butter, and bananas. Bingo! I thought.

The gorgeous, puffy, grand finale

Finally, my tea is ready. Downing a cup, I begin mixing the eggs, milk, flour, and dash of salt. The butter is heating in my cast iron skillet (found a Lodge skillet at Marshalls for a super cheap price). Once sizzling, the sliced bananas dive in, followed by the mixture. Twenty minutes later, the most gorgeous souffle of a pancake emerged out of the oven and onto our plates. I dropped a little lemon juice on top, hearing the hiss as some hit the hot skillet.

My (first) plate

We sprinkled walnuts on top of our plates and drizzled with maple syrup. Unbelievable! With the first bite, it was an immediate symphony of mmms and yums!

The aftermath

On the road again,

Ms. Thrifty

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