King Street Coffee

Even if you’re not a coffee drinker, the mere smell of roasted beans is inviting! And I’ve found one of the best little spots right in historic Leesburg:  King Street Coffee! Whether on the way to work or strolling through the antique shops, a cuppa joe from this place is worth every penny. And luckily it’s not that many pennies for a small cup. A little under $2, in fact.

The lady who works the early morning shift is so sweet and cheerful and peppy…but in a coffee shop, who wouldn’t be, right? The beans are roasted and making the most delicious scents while bubbling away in espressos and brews. It’s just a relaxing atmosphere.

The coffee station with all the sugars, creams, honeys, extras you could hope for!

And for those other Mr./Ms. Thriftys out there, King Street has a buy 10 get 1 free punch card. They even offer a similar deal on the actual beans. I purchased a pound for myself last year and it was delicious! The Leesburg blend was the best of all worlds. Even sent a pound to my coffee-discerning Aunt and she gave it two thumbs up. Well, more like just one thumb. The other was wrapped around a mug of hot cafe.

On the road again (with a little extra pep),

Ms. Thrifty

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