Old Post Office+Good Stuff Eatery+Eastern Market= 1 fabulous day

A hidden gem once under threat of being torn down, D.C.’s Old Post Office is a fascinating (and free) adventure! Upon entering and going through security, there is a food court in the main atrium and several shops with D.C. paraphernalia to purchase. But the highlight is the elevator that takes you to the 12th floor of the building for one gorgeous 360 view of the city. To find the elevator my Travel Buddy and I were instructed to make a left at the baby grand piano. And truly, any directions involving a piano are the tops!

View from the elevator

The elevator–a glass structure that offers towering views of the main shopping area–makes two stops. One at a small museum section depicting the protest against shutting down the Office, and another at the city views. And what a sight it is! If you’ve been to the top of the Empire State Building in New York, then think a scenario similar to that but on a much smaller scale. Open to the elements, the square-shaped room has protective cords around the perimeter and

A view from the top

different level platforms in the center to help you really take it all in. Small plaques on the walls detail what sites you are seeing (e.g., national buildings, monuments, etc.). The

Rooftop garden

 Travel Buddy and I noticed something that we had never seen before. On the top of private company buildings there are the most wonderful gardens, dining areas, trellises with grapevines and other flowering blossoms. Now we just have to figure out a way to get hired at one of those places to enjoy that splendor! Although I don’t know how much work we would accomplish whilst spending all our time on the garden roof.

 Taking the steps from the 12th to a lower floor, we were up close to the gorgeous old ringing bells. Still in working order, we even learned a bit about the operation of these

The Congress Bells

official bells of Congress. And that it is a non-competitive sport for some. Huh! Learn something new everyday!

A few metro stops away we were back at it again at Good Stuff Eatery. This time I tried Colletti’s Smokehouse burger. Here’s the exact description of it from the menu (I defy you not to drool):  “Applewood bacon, sharp Vermont cheddar, fried Vidalia onion rings with chipotle bbq sauce.” All for $6.89. This was our second time here and, truthfully, I’d go back over and over if I lived closer. Perhaps the distance is a plus for my waistline, though. And I learned from the last time to pace myself so I could indulge in one of the

Don’t let the squished appearance fool you. It will blow your mind!

 handspun shakes. Chocolate, to be exact, and for $4.75. And get this. They add a thick dollop of homemade whipped cream on the top of the shake. Unbelievable!

Eastern Market

Armed with our shakes in hand, we walked a few blocks over Eastern Market and viewed all the goods for sale. Meats, fishes, cheeses, fruits, vegetables:  this place has everything! Even blowfish. That’s right. Blowfish!

Yes, even blowfish!

Full stomachs and exercised legs from the walking, it was off to the metro for home. Another successful outing in D.C. for only about $12 in delicious food and a $9 metro pass.

On the road again,

Ms. Thrifty

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One thought on “Old Post Office+Good Stuff Eatery+Eastern Market= 1 fabulous day

  1. R, I am so j of your excursions. You going on any next week?!? Can I join??

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