Frederick’s Lunchbox

Carroll Creek Park

Historic Frederick, Maryland. So interesting with its old architecture and detail, with a mix of bohemian chic in its boutiques and shoppes. It exudes character. My Travel Buddy and I parked in a pay-by-the-hour garage and basically walked the whole of Historic Frederick with plenty stops along the way.

Starting at the water along Carroll Creek Park, there are plaques here and there describing what historical event took place long ago. At the water there are several restaurants and apartment complexes, and walkers were taking advantage of the of sun during their lunch break.

Heading into town a bit, even the old, stately bank is worth a peek. Gorgeous stone counters everywhere and detailed work on the ceilings. We stopped at one inviting candy store and I enjoyed an out-of-this-world champagne dark chocolate truffle. I feel that this gave me the energy I needed for the walk. Come to think of it, I’d love another truffle right now. But I digress.

Little English cafe tucked away through a long stone corridor. Definitely want to dine here next time!

The little shoppes shattered here and there screamed a mix of hipster, laid-back, trendy, and unique. These were not mainstream, but different and fun!

Notice the silver lunch tray!

After lots of walking, we opted for a meal at Lunchbox, opened by one of the Top Chef finalists. This casual spot serves casual food, but in a delicious way. Reminiscent of lunchtime in elementary school with silver lunch boxes decorating the walls, I don’t ever recall sandwiches like these in my plastic box. I ordered the Pilgrim. Although the concept behind it is simple, the Pilgrim was the complete embodiment of Thanksgiving dinner in a bite. And the orange-cranberry compote took the turkey to the next level! With it I ordered a Coke, which came in a tall glass bottle. There was a bottle opener hooked on the wall and a little container for caps. Farm-fresh apples were a free option with all orders, and I quickly snatched one. The total for my meal was $7.50 and it basically takes the cake for any lunch box mealI’ve ever had!

On the road again,

Ms. Thrifty

P.S. As a side note, many businesses are closed on Mondays. Consider a Saturday when stores are opened longer in the evening and there’s live music by the water!

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