Udvar-Hazy and living up to the name MELT

Driving into D.C. can be a pain, especially on a weekday. Parking runs up to $20 per day. So having Udvar-Hazy in our backyard is a huge plus! Admission to this Smithsonian Museum is free, but parking is $14. Go with several people and split the parking. Win, win.

My Travel Buddy and I are at it again!

If you are into air and space, or if you aren’t into air and space, this museum will not disappoint. Free docent-led tours are offered throughout the day, and they are truly a steal! Dick, our tour guide, walked and talked us through the museum for over 90 minutes. Full of history, he held my attention what were once just history-book tales and facts much more relatable. And you definitely won’t want to miss the opportunity to see the Discovery. Also check out the watch tower. Ride the elevator to a stunning 360 degree view of the area and watch the planes fly into Dulles.


Go early! The docent tours begin at 10:30. Even on a weekday, the place will be bustling by noon.

After a few hours in the museum, there’s nothing like gourmet burgers and fries to bring us back to present-day and our insatiable appetites. MELT is the newest burger joint to grace Leesburg, and I foresee it staying around for quite a while! Checkerboard floor, a roll of paper towels on each table, an open kitchen and grill, counter-style ordering, and jamming music make for a cool atmosphere. Options, options, options! Options galore for the burger of your wildest dreams. My Travel Buddy giddily enjoyed one with guacamole, peppers, and a corn salsa, and fries covered in blue cheese majesty. It looked divine! I tried the lunch special, which is a burger, fries, and drink for around $10. And with dozens of free toppings and sauces, this special doesn’t scream basic. The meat is quality and had a lovely pink center, just how I like it. The crispy shredded lecture, sliced tomato, sharp red onion, and toasted bun made a cozy home for that burger. As a free add-on, I asked about the House Sauce. The cashier offered me a sample of it, which was a nice touch. And, oh, the fries! Shoe string with crunch and no grease. I managed half my plate, which meant I had the other half for dinner.

Face-to-face with history, man’s first attempts at flight, actual space shuttles, and a burger that sent me to the moon and back:  if I were to put a pricetag on that it certainly wouldn’t be just $17. Thankfully, though, it was. What a steal!

On the road again,

Ms. Thrifty

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