Ruth’s Chris Steak House affordable? Yes!

Go when they offer specials! That’s my best advice. I had never been, but on Father’s Day Ruth’s Chris Steak House offered a special. Most steaks there–which is their specialty–run $40+ for just the steak. This special, though, included an appetizer, an entree, a side, and dessert for $43! For this place, that’s a steal! So of course, that’s what I ordered. Still think it’s entirely too expensive? Try 8 days without those $5 lattes. Skip on pizza night once or twice. Skimp on the little things for a few weeks and TREAT YOURSELF! So worth it!

For my starter I enjoyed an argula salad with crispy prosciutto, red onions, mandarin oranges, and dried fruit. The vinegarette had a little tang which echoed the peppery argula. The salt from the prosciutto complemented the sweetness of the fruit beauitfully. I cleaned my plate. The warm, crusty bread also aided me by soaking up the delightful dressing.

The filet with shrimp

For my main entree, I ordered the filet with shrimp and a side of button mushrooms. Wow! The steaks, of the highest quality, are not doused with seasonings. Only salt and pepper before cooking, and butter and parsley afterward. And are cooked at an extreme high heat, then brought to your table on a 500 degree plate. Our knowledgeable server, Sierra, explained that the plate keeps the meat warm throughout the meal, even during engaging conversation. But honestly, this filet melted in my mouth, and the most full-mouth conversation that happened was, “Oh my goodness!”

And now for the highlight of any of my meals, the dessert round. A flourless chocolate cake with berries and a creamy vanilla coulis. There was nothing ordinary or cake-like about it. Don’t conjure the image of plain old cake. Instead close your eyes and picture a shiny black dome of chocolate. Each forkful is a fudgey consistency. Now graze the sauce and tag on a raspberry. Ok, open your eyes–and close your mouth. You’re drooling. It was divine! Divine!

When was the last time a server cleaned off your white linen table cloth with a straight-edged instrument into a silver tray? Huh? That’s right. Probably never. So squirrel away a little treat-yourself money, forget about the crumbs under your dining room table from last night’s afterthought of a dinner, and feel like a queen (or king) if only for an afternoon.

On the road again,

Ms. Thrifty

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