Make Your Mouth Say Opa!

I’m a sucker for a good gyro. There’s something about the different components of one that make for a truly delicious eating experience. And now I have a new favorite place for it at Opa! Mezze Grill.

There’s so much natural lighting in this little place; that–paired with the vibrant Greek blue painted on the walls–made it an inviting and relaxing atmosphere. While admiring the photos of Ancient Greek ruins and other city structures on the walls, we started with the dolmadakia. The grape leaves were so extremely tender and filled with flavorful rice, beef, and herbs. A creamy sauce covered the top, and three dolmadakia were included. Easily two appetizers could make a delicious little snack, if that’s all you have time for.

Chicago gyro

For the main course I enjoyed the Chicago gyro made with lamb and beef and a side of seasoned fries. Again, this could have easily been a filling meal in and of itself. Flavorful, moist, tender:  this gyro truly hit the spot! And those fries, those fries. Seasoned with just enough salt and pepper and freshly-minced herbs.

Why stop there, right? It’s not often we’re out for Greek food, and it would be a crime to leave without sampling the dessert fare. We tried (and gobbled down) a piece of baklava and galaktoboureko (both made in house). I have had plenty baklava in the past, but this may have topped the rest. The phyllo was saturated in sweet honey, but held firmly together with each forkful. And it just tasted fresh. The other was a custard wrapped in phyllo dough. And I’m not ashamed to admit that–much to my husband’s chagrin–I licked the plate afterward. What?! The place was cleared of the lunch rush and no one was looking! I’m not ashamed. I think he was just upset that he didn’t get the last taste of such an amazing dessert.


Again I’ll say that you could go there just for a few appetizers, or just for an entree, or just for dessert and coffee, but talk about decadence when you have it all at once!

On the road again (with a little extra Opa! in her step),

Ms. Thrifty

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One thought on “Make Your Mouth Say Opa!

  1. Frannie on said:

    It all sounds so very delicious, and I love baclava sooooo I must try some soon!!!

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