One Word, Four Syllables: Maggiano’s

 It cannot be done. Not at Maggiano’s. An affordable meal? Maybe a little left over? Ms. Thrifty was in her glory today when she discovered dreams really do come true.

Picture it. Tyson’s Corner. 2012. Something new called Marco’s Meal was on the lunch menu. It’s a meal for two including an appetizer, two classic pasta dishes, and dessert…for $39.95. Sounds pretty great, huh?


Well, that’s not the kicker. The best part was also included in the Meal were two more classic pasta entrees to take home. Now that is unbelievable!

Talkabout flavor and portion! The 10 massive ravioli were sitting on a white cream sauce mixed with herbs and a sweet pasta sauce across the middle. Having been under a broiler for a moment, the tops of some of the ravioli had a little crunchy-texture. I could only make it through


 three of the ravioli, but found solace knowing I would see the rest again at dinner time.

The lasagna was out of this world! My hubby said it was the best he’s ever had, which speaks volumes considering he worked at an amazing Italian restaurant in the past. Thanks to Megan, our server, for the excellent recommendations! She was fabulous, attending to our beck-and-call with a smile.

Now, on to the highlight of my day, and basically any day:  dessert! The classic, classic tiramisu. It was a tall piece (the picture doesn’t really show the height, but it made for big bites when scooped top to bottom). Talk about creamy, different textures, and just-the-right amounts.The espresso powder wasn’t overwhelming, but melted beautifully into the top layer of ladyfingers. And the macarpone tied it all together. I actually heard myself say, “This is the best tiramisu I’ve ever had!” And I’ve had a lot in my day. This line is becoming a become theme, huh? 

Tiramisu, oh, how I miss you!

 Much of the meal we could not finish in one sitting. We hadn’t properly prepared for such a quest, so we had leftovers. Oh, and a gentle reminder about the two pasta to take home, complete with directions for baking. Unreal! Wanting to spread out the Maggiano’s experience, we plastic-wrapped the two new pastas and put them in the freezer for later (most likely next Saturday). The leftover tiramisu, though, did not make it for long. I took care of those bites of heaven with a glass of milk shortly after returning home. No apologies.

 After one amazing lunch–and be sure to make reservations using to earn points–it was time for a stroll. There are several nurseries on the drive back toward Leesburg (on Route 7), but in particular has always interested me:  Wolf Trap Nursery. And it was actually much bigger than I thought. Zooming past it on 7 doesn’t do it justice. Oh course, the spring flowers were out:  small blooming Dogwoods, and shrubs. But inside were the warmer-weather plants, including their specialty:  bonsai. So early in the growing season, their were many medium-sized bonsai, but also some only an inch or so in height. Oh, and the orchids! My mother-in-law–who has the greenest-orchid-growing thumb I know–would have gone crazy! Along with my sisters-in-law, no doubt! They were lovely! So lovely!

Overall, a fabulous afternoon, and all for $40+tip. Can’t beat that!

On the road again,

Ms. Thrifty

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One thought on “One Word, Four Syllables: Maggiano’s

  1. Italian & orchids! Food & flora… what a combo! Drool, in both respects!!!

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