Cuppa Joe

Coffee can become an expensive habit. I just heard on NPR a few weeks ago that even during a recession, coffee sales stay steady. That says a lot! But I found something that works for me and my pocket book. During the week I am admittedly a green tea girl. Two cups a morning. But on the weekends, I enjoy the process and experience of coffee. Ground beans and all.

My Auntie and Uncle are food connoisseurs, and coffee is no exception. They know food and drink! A few months ago they told me about the joys of grinding and brewing their own coffee using specialty equipment. The real deal. My coffee pot of five years had just broken, so I was open to suggestions. “A French press would be a good place to start,” my Uncle told me. And what do you know, Marshalls sells two-cup French presses for $10, and my Momma had a small coffee grinder stowed away, still in its original box.

The next time I went to the Farmers’ Market, I was sure to check out Catoctin Coffee. The lady at that stand roasts the beans herself, and has quite a selection for a locally-owned business. So far I’ve tried the Italian Roast, Tanzanian Peaberry Dark Roast, Brazilian Daterra, and Black & Tan. For a weekend-drinker like myself, a half-pound bag is quite enough and lasts for weeks.

My French press makes about two cups, which is just enough. After I pour the hot water over the grinds, I whisk it a bit, then cover it with the top. A few minutes later, I plunge the beans to the bottom. Because it’s so fresh, the flavor is never bitter, but quite full and lovely. And there’s a sheen oil over the top of the brew, which is visually appealing as well. We eat with the eyes first, right? It’s my special weekend treat.

On the road again (and can’t wait until Saturday),

Ms. Thrifty

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