Treated Well at La Lou Bistro

I am so completely full right now. Seriously! The hubby and I didn’t hold back tonight at dinner, and images of food are racing through my mind. It’s the deliciously-full state and I’m lathering in it. La Lou Bistro boasts Meditteranean cuisine and the food simply screams fine dining. Incredible!

The head chef greeted us and broke down all the specials, usually ending each description with “Very delicious! Very good!” Gotta admit, I do love a chef who shows conviction about his food. Who isn’t afraid to brag. That’s a reassuring sign. Honestly, though, if the chef hadn’t said a word at all, the food would still speak for itself. So let’s get down to business already, right?

While we perused the menu and board of specials (which the chef will generously bring to  your table), we enjoyed a lovely tapenade with flatbread. Such a deletable mix of green and black olives, capers, sundried tomatoes, and olive oil. We cleaned the ramekin!

For our appetizer, grilled calamari. Note:  always take the chef’s suggestions. We ordinarily love calamari fried, but he suggested grilled and told us we’d love it. WOW, wow, and more wow! The parsley and garlic really shone through, and the calamari were tender and held the olive oil beautifully.

Oh, the main courses. Oh, my, my, my! I ordered

The salmon on ciabatta

the salmon on ciabatta, and my husband chose the veal special. The salmon is cooked perfectly and falls apart as it should. And the ciabatta is soft inside with a lovely crusty shell. Lastly the fries, oh, the fries. Done as fries should be done. Crisp with tender potato inside.

Now on to the veal. The taste was phenomenal. Accompanying it were sauteed spinach and peppers, large stalks of asparagus, and a creamy mushroom risotto. The only item left on the plate by the end of the meal was the bone. Again, listen to the chef!

There’s really nothing more I could say to encourage you to try these items; nothing, that is, that photos cannot do on their own. So enjoy!

The veal special

At this point, a normal person might think, Wow! I’ve had enough food, and it was memorable, and I’m full. But, oh no! When the chef, again, stopped by and asked if we’d like to try a little something special for dessert, I’m nobody’s dummy. I said yes and without hesitation. What appeared on our table moments later was a lovely cake with a raspberry gelatin-like heart adorning the top with cream in the center. A butterscotch and raspberry sauce was lovely to drag each bite of the cake through.

We went to dinner a little early, and while there other tables began filling up. And it seems this place (not a shocker) has plenty regulars; we noticed the chef hug and greet several incomers by name. A server told us in the next hour or so the place would be packed.

Throughly enjoyed this delightful meal! Thoroughly! Can’t wait to go back for more! Oh, and in the evenings and weekends, parking is free in the garage directly behind the Tally Ho movie theater and La Lou Bistro.

On the road again,

Ms. Thrifty

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2 thoughts on “Treated Well at La Lou Bistro

  1. Ms Thrifty, you’ve been very busy these last two months…I was surprised to see so many new experiences…Keep em comin’!

  2. The Travel Buddy on said:

    Discovered this lil hidden gem for lunch today – how I missed Ms. Thrifty’s post about it, I’m not sure….but you let me know when you’re ready for a “follow-up” visit to try out some more of their awesome food!! I’m game!! 🙂

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