Pesto Part I

What’s the easiest way to transform any meal? Pesto! Officially, pesto! After surfing the web for recipes for vegetarian pizza, I ran across several including pesto as the base. It just so happened that I had a rather large container of spinach, so pesto it was!

I made the dough the night before and followed the simple instructions on the back of the pizza yeast packet. Gave it a good punch after it rose the first time, and let it rise again overnight in a covered, oiled bowl. The next day it sprang back when touched and was easy to roll out (which is a must with good dough). I baked it for only five minutes in a round pizza pan (the kind with small holes throughout). Probably three minutes would have been enough, because the dough was bubbly and beautiful and a lightly-toasted color.

 While the dough cooled, I sauteed roughly-chopped brussel sprouts until golden brown and crispy. Ah, nothing like crispy brussel sprouts. And here’s a piece of advice I received from a friend:  buy the entire stalk of sprouts. No kidding, it makes a huge difference in taste. So much sweeter and they last so much longer. After two weeks in the fridge, my sprouts were still firm and delicious. I also sauteed onions until they were beyond caramelized. They were crisp and wildly-shaped. Talk about sweetness!

Now that the dough had plenty of time to cool, I smathered on the pesto (made with spinach, almonds, cloves of garlic, salt, pepper, and quality extra virgin olive oil), thinly-sliced apple atop thinly-sliced potato, sauteed chopped brussel sprouts, caramelized onions, pine nuts and crumbly feta cheese. Basically anything available in my kitchen! I brushed the perimeter of the pizza with olive oil, and gave it about 20 minutes in the oven.

I can’t tell you how my husband raved about the pizza! And I also won’t share the number of slices I downed in one sitting.

An enormous photo for big taste!

The next day I had a slice at work, and let’s just say anyone in smelling distance had to know what it was.

More pesto news to come!

On the road again,

Ms. Thrifty

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One thought on “Pesto Part I

  1. The picture of your pizza is beautiful – are you sure you’re not a professional chef?
    Keep the interesting stories coming!!!

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