Firebirds and a movie, please!

A view from the front

A meat fast. Yes, I tried a meat fast for a week. But nothing signals the end of a fast like a trip to

Love how the wines are displayed

 Firebirds. This was my second time there, and I ordered the exact same thing. It wasn’t so much being a creature of habit as it was a pure necessity. Trust me!

Firebirds has all the trappings of a zen retreat. Dark wooden beams across the ceiling, lovely stonework, bottles of wine in perfect symmetry, a warm color palette, and even alcoves in the restroom wall where small candles are lit. It’s a relaxing overall atmosphere. And who doesn’t enjoy an open kitchen? A glass partition provides the ideal view of meat on the grill and chefs busy on the line.

Before you go, sign up for e-mails from Firdbirds. Moments later a $10 coupon will magically appear in your inbox. Print it and go! With ours we splurged on the shrimp appetizer. Large prawns around the perimeter of the plate and a small shredded salad in the center (with red and green cabbage, finely shaved carrot, and crispy tortilla strips). The salad was a great buffer for the burst of flavor that was the sauce. With chunks of pineapple, it shined on the plate and tongue.

And on to the main course. Like I said, today was a meat day, and I was having nothing other than the A1 burger. The meat is seared beautifully with a little of the medium I quite enjoy. And the flavor of the meat hitting the saltiness of the bacon and the sweetness of the caramelized onions. Wow! A dwindling artform, I believe, is the beautifully-toasted bun; this, however, has not been forgotten at Firebirds. So let your imagination chew on this:  sweet onion, salty bacon, cheese melting onto seared, seasoned meat, the cool hit of tomato, crunch of shredded lettuce, all wrapped in a slightly toasted bun. My mouth is literally watering.

“Fries?” you ask. Why, yes, there were fries. The hearty cuts were seasoned with a paprika and salt blend. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. Enough said.

Cobb Theater

I’m sure the neighboring tables had had enough of my “Wows” and “Oh, my goodnesses” while gorging myself and licking every finger unapologetically. It must have been an unseemly sight. I raved about the burger to every waiter who stopped by, unaware they were about to be bombarded with compliments from a woman covered in ketchup, teeth peppered with burger remnants.

Oh, and did I mention my burger was only $10?

Time for a walk to Cobb Theater for a movie. Only a block or so from the restaurant, Cobb Theater is a relatively new complex in Leesburg. In the afternoon, movies cost $8,–what the allure of night time showings is, I’ll never know–and all those dollars add up to free movies with the Cobb card. (If for some reason you forget your card at home, keep your tickets and the next time you go they can scan your points to the card.)

I’d say for $18, I made out like a bandit! With a full belly and movie entertainment, it was a fabulous afternoon!

On the road again,

Ms. Thrifty

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One thought on “Firebirds and a movie, please!

  1. Francine on said:

    I was eagerly awaiting a review of the movie you saw. Tell us about it………….

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