Thrifty’s Trends: Three Products I’m Loving

In the past I’ve never been too picky about hair and face products. I’d basically take whatever my sister gave me (because she definitely knows products and is quite the fashionista to boot). Well, a new age has dawned and I’ve officially found my own favorites.

Confession #1:  I am a Wen girl! Totally opposite of anything Ms. Thrifty represents, but I make no apologies. Wen is an amazing product! A best friend of mine gave me a bottle as a gift. A little thrown off by the lack of lather, I was skeptical at first. Is my hair actually clean? I questioned. Answer:  yes, definitely! And smooth, and shiny, and easy to style, and lustrous. After I had pumped every ounce of moisture out of that bottle, I did order two more (for a pricy $45 dollars on-line). Nearing the end of my purchase, I began to wonder how long this dance could go on. The price was the kicker. Just too much. But the internet is a beautiful thing, so I did what any conscientious consumer would do and started my research. After sifting through blogs and more blogs about hair products, I finally found what I was looking for. Hair One. The closest relative to Wen, Hair One treats my hair beautifully at half the price. I purchased a bottle at Sally’s for $11.

There is honestly something to be said about products like this. With other shampoos and conditioners, I found my hair dry, difficult to style, dull looking, and full of breakage. Even with regular trims, I kept split ends in business. Now using cleansers, my natural curl actually resembles curl (and not rat nest frizz), it holds styling better with irons and the dryer, it shines, and has more bounce. And added bonus, I can even run my fingers through it when wet. Try doing that with regular shampoo!

Staying in the hair family, let’s talk brows. I’ve never met someone who claims to enjoy plucking. And having brows waxed and shaped at a salon or spa can run $20 plus tip easily. I realize there are thousands of options when it comes to hair removal, but for $11 No-Tweeze works for me. Because I don’t own a proper wax melter, I had to get a little creative. Placing the container in a little bowl of boiling water does the trick, then it’s easy to scoop out and microwave safely in a little dish.What’s nice about this product is it doesn’t require anything. The wax hardens and simply pulls off without muslin strips. Over the years my skin has become more and more sensitive, and I had no negative reaction after using this. Not even the next day! Just lovely, shaped brows!

Now that hair and brows are taken care of, time to pamper the face. Per a suggestion from my trusted sister (and sidenote:  always trust a suggestion from someone with similar face experiences) I tried Yes To Tomatoes a few months ago. Talk about moisture! As I mentioned earlier, I am careful about products because of my sensitive skin. Yes To Tomatoes was easy on my face, left it smooth, and decreased any breakouts. Ordinarily $15, sometimes Walgreen’s has it on sale. After the last pump of lotion from Tomatoes, I tried Blueberries (pictured) and enjoy it as well. There’s something soothing about this silky moisturizer. I even have a Yes To Carrots lip balm which is quite lovely.

The Yes To body care line caters to different skin types using fruit (e.g., Tomatoes, Blueberries, Cucumbers, and Carrots) and few harsh chemicals that seem inescapable in other facial products. I love how it works on my face, and also appreciate the story behind the company.

On the road again (mostly likely running fingers through her hair),

Ms. Thrifty

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4 thoughts on “Thrifty’s Trends: Three Products I’m Loving

  1. Thanks for doing this research. I, too, love Wen but have been trying to figure out ways to cut my costs lately. I had no idea Hair One existed…yipppee! Now I can’t wait to try it out & see what it does for me! I’ve also seen the Yes to products & was always curious about them but had never tried them out. Now I must! 🙂

  2. Hope you enjoy the products, Leah! If you find anything I should try, please let me know!

  3. Francine on said:

    Wow. This info is very interesting as well as informative. I plan to check these products out!
    Thanks so much.

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