Let’s talk trends and Salon-TEN

When it comes to hair, you get what you pay for. Trust me, I should know! For years I paid as little as humanly possible for a hair cut with the personal mantra, “It’s just hair; it will always grow back if I don’t like the cut.” Ok, so that’s not how I should have valued the statement on the top of my head. A few months ago, in desperate need of a hair cut and thinking about splurging a little on myself, I googled salons in the Leesburg area. Something about Salon TEN’s website caught my attention. Well, actually, all of it caught my attention. It seemed the definition of trendy with it’s linear and artistic salon design, pop of red, and fashionable photos of the stylists (and, yes, they do look that good in real life). Why not give it a try, I thought. So I did.

Upon walking through the door, I was warmly greeted. The stylist who would cut my hair that day welcomed me by name with a handshake and a “Would you care for a drink?” As you can imagine, I was immediately thrown off, having never experienced this before. For a good 30 minutes, she and I discussed my hair. She wanted to know everything about my hair history:  styles I like, products I use, how I actually fix it, and time I use to do so. Refreshing! She didn’t just start chopping away. This lady was genuinely interested in listening to me and then teaching me how to maximize my hair’s potential. Wow!

Ok, shall we move on to the washing? Let’s! First off, she wrapped a heated towel around the nape of my neck before I leaned back for the shampooing. Heated towel! Already feeling totally luxurious, I nearly drifted off while her magic fingers massaged my head with the most lovely-smelling products ever. Salon TEN exclusively uses Eufora , an aloe-based line that, sensation-wise, definitely lives up to its name.

During the actual cut, my stylist carefully explained everything and, of course, there was the chit chat that’s a must at any salon. The music, a blend of chart-topping and remixes, kept my toes tapping. Just a cool vibe altogether! By the end of our conversation, I realized I wanted to be friends with this lady! So down to earth and genuinely friendly! She even taught me the proper way to dry my hair using a round brush, hot and cold settings to use, and hair dryer attachments best suited for specific hair styles. It was the first time someone had shown me how to really use a dryer. I mean, sure, I’ve used them for years and years, but I didn’t really know all it was capable of. This totally revolutionized how I fix my hair now. My prep time each morning went from 30 minutes to 10 with the lessons she taught me!

When it comes to restaurants, I always judge the cleanliness of the kitchen by the state of the restroom. Just a good rule of thumb. And in the case of Salon TEN, the restroom–which even had cleverly rolled handtowels for each person instead of paper towels–is an extension of this immaculate salon. Each bottle of color is perfectly arranged on shelves, towels are folded with precision, and not a speck of hair peppered the floor. But Salon TEN’s impeccable appearance and ambiance is second only to the care and attention of its talented stylists!

So ladies and gents, squirrel a little money away and unapologetically splurge on yourself at Salon TEN, where that city feel is at your fingertips right here in Leesburg! You’ll be thrilled you did!

On the road again (with some great looking hair),

Ms. Thrifty

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2 thoughts on “Let’s talk trends and Salon-TEN

  1. Cinder on said:

    Thanks for sharing your Salon Ten experience. You’re inspiring the rest of us to try it!

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    thanks to google I found you

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