Newseum and unbelievable burgers: the perfect combination

So even if you leave your house by 8:30 and the nearest Metro is only 30 minutes away, making it there by 9 A.M. is just not going to happen! Trust me! And parking!?! Forget it! That’s the predicament my travel buddy and I found ourselves in this morning after driving the entire five levels of garage parking a few times over. Here’s a little tip, though:  wait it out in one of those “Reserved Parking” spots. You know the ones that

Red Velvet Cupcakes. Cruel, I know!

aren’t reserved anymore once 10 A.M. rolls around? We spotted one of these little gems, waited in the car for all of seven minutes (just like the other folks beside us), and then we were off to finally board the Metro.

 Now for my Metro tips (skip this paragraph if you know how it operates):  if you’re unfamiliar with using the Metro, always rely on the ever-helpful Metro workers. The cost for your ticket depends on the time of day. If you’re there during rush hour (peak time), then, yea, you’re going to pay a bit more. Take a pocket Metro guide (near the Metro worker’s desk) and decide which stop you’ll need to take for your destination. On the ticket machine locate the name of that particular stop, check the time for which fare to pay, double it, and purchase your ticket. Just know that when

you’re returning to your original stop, the ticket gate will keep your ticket because it’s out of money. Don’t be alarmed! Wanting to make several stops today? Purchase an all-day pass (only after 9:30, however). End of story, we purchased an all-day pass because we planned to use it several times.

Portion of the Berlin Wall

The Newseum is not really located close to any Metro. The closest is the Chinatown stop, which gave us an opportunity to see the ornate design spanning the street. It really is quite a sight! Also in the area:  Red Velvet Cupcake! For a little over $3 I enjoyed the most delicious, moist key lime cupcake, which was just the pick-me-up I needed for the walk ahead. Did I mention the white chocolate cream topping and shaved pieces of said chocolate on top? Heaven!

The Newseum was an experience for about $23 (less if you’re a teacher and actually carry your badge) and it’s good for 2 days. A five-minute intro video introduced us to this enormous, six-level building. We started by seeing true pieces from the Berlin Wall. Not stones, but enormous slabs of the real deal. Try putting yourself on the East side in your mind while looking at that! Reality check.

Next a large glass elevator took us to the sixth floor (it’s best to work your way down from the top). There’s an overlook on the top and we enjoyed a view of America’s Main Street (Pennsylvania Avenue) with a clear shot of the Capitol Building. Each floor took us on journey through the world of news:  the birth of the

America's Main Street--view from the top floor

printing press, written artifacts from the 1400s to today, television and the internet, propaganda, the tabloids affect, cases worked by the FBI, investigative journalism, prize-winning photographs, you name it! There was even an interactive 4-D movie we enjoyed—cool glasses and the seats moved about. We spent about three hours there and could have easily spent more time but our stomachs became quite demanding!

For our late lunch/early dinner, we had a certain place in mind, Good Stuff Eatery. Totally underestimating how long the walking distance was, though, it took a little over a mile to get there (in extreme heat, that’s no joke). However, the walk wasn’t fruitless. We had an up-close view of the Capitol building, the Library of Congress, a lovely long-shot of the National Mall. It was worth the walk!

Good Stuff Eatery was started by a Top Chef contestant and it was amazing! It specializes in freshly-made burgers and is in the Eastern Market area (past the Library of Congress). The cool AC greeted us and we immediately felt at ease with the groovy music playing overhead. Upstairs was loft-like seating with metal chairs that felt like ice blocks, cooling us down after the long walk. There were even round high stools on the main levels and outdoor seating. I ordered the Prez Obama Burger and “Yes, We Can” rang through every bite perfectly! Apple

The Prez Obama Burger. Pictures don't do justice!

smoked bacon (need I go on?), sweet onions, Roquefort cheese, horseradish mayo, and that ground beef. I was a good girl and cleaned my plate. My parents would be so proud! My waistline, on the other hand, not so much. My Grandma used to say, “A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.” Grandma would have wolfed this down! All in all, a wonderful day for about $50 (including garage parking). Sometimes even I need to splurge on myself!

On the road again,

Ms. Thrifty

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3 thoughts on “Newseum and unbelievable burgers: the perfect combination

  1. The travel buddy on said:

    Um, has anyone else noticed that we have a habit of eating really good burgers for lunch while on these day trips?! I had forgotten about the ones at Dobbin House in Gettsyburg, and now the ones from Good Stuff…mmmm and now I’m craving the perfect combo of beef and cheese…

  2. That Obama burger looks mouthwateringly delicious… I gotta have one when next I visit DC… “Yes I can!”

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more, anyway l love your site layout. Is nice and clean.

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